September 23, 2022 By Vaseline

The Sound Doctor is back

THE Sound Doctor welcomes the warmer weather with gigs from Australian indie pop musician Ben Lee, backed by local up-and-coming Jan Juc artist Jasmin Adria, as well as Australian indie folk delights Maple Glider and Ruby Gill.

The weekend kicks off on September 30th with an intimate solo show from Lee, author of hits like “Catch My Disease”, “We’re All in This Together” and “Cigarettes Will Kill You”.

Lee will also perform songs from his latest album I’m Fun.

Adria said she was delighted to be asked to support Lee and excited to play on The Sound Doctor.

“I’m so excited to play,” she said. “I’ve seen a lot of gigs there and followed their page for a long time… so it was really exciting to be offered to play there.

“And to support Ben it’s really so cool that The Sound Doctor would ask me to play; he is such an incredible writer and musician.”

Adria started playing the guitar at the age of eight and began singing at the age of eleven.

She said she’s been fascinated by music ever since, being drawn to everything from classics by The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell to indie folk like Sarah Blasko, Angie McMahon and Courtney Barnett.

“I started performing in Torquay and Geelong when I was about 14 or 13 and from there I’ve been slow to gain experience performing and performing in different venues,” she said.

“I just turned 18 and I’m hoping to release an EP soon, it’s hard juggling 12th grade. I just keep writing, keep playing; my recent release on Triple J unearthed high got a bit of attention.”

Recorded by Laura Hancock and produced by Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills, Gretta Ray, Angie McMahon), her latest release, Brown Skies, is just the beginning for the up-and-coming artist.

On October 1st, indie-folk Maple Glider and Ruby Gill will be running the show.

Maple Glider will perform songs from debut album To Enjoy Is the Only Thing and Ruby Gill will be touring with her debut album I’m Gonna Die With This Frown On My Face.

Maple Glider is the project of solo artist Tori Zietsch, and her Anglesea set promises to be humorous and warm with an acoustically tinged, ethereal sound and honest lyrics.

Johannesburg-born Gill is well acquainted with Sound Doctor’s audience, who fell in love with her powerful lyrics and quirky style when supporting Didirri in 2019.

Gill said she would always remember the visit for a number of unusual reasons.

“It was the first drive I did after getting my Victorian license which I transferred from a South African so it was the first drive I drove without a licensed driver in the passenger seat.

“I love this stretch of coast, it was one of the first places I explored outside of the city, I was very grown up but it still feels like a part of me grew up there, a very formative place for me .”

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