September 23, 2022 By Vaseline

Swish Live Streaming subscription plans are now up to 91% cheaper

The deal highlighted today comes via our Apps + Software section of the Neowin Deals Store where you can Save 70% with a 1-year subscription to Swish Live Streaming: Basic Plan. Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis and more! Stream your sporting events from your smartphone just like on TV!

Swishlive streaming service

The Swish Live app is the best way to live stream your sports game!

Broadcast your sporting event in Full HD as if it were on TV with Swish Live. You can overlay the scoreboard, highlight it, interact with the inlay remotely, create a multi-camera with two iPhones and promote your sponsors directly in the video. More than 20 sports are available with customized scoreboards to help you become a professional live streamer! Today, Swish Live helps more than 10,000 clubs around the world broadcast their games.

broadcast control. Pause, stop or resume live streaming with one click
Chrono control. Update the chrono of the game but also the halftime
Scoreboard Management. Update the live score, the scoreboard is adapted to the chosen sport
time capsule. Select your highlights live and broadcast them immediately with one click
sponsorship. You have partners you want to highlight, show them live
camera commentators. Facilitates post-game interviews by using the front camera
brightness management. Adjust the brightness of your smartphone depending on the exposure
Remote control. Manage the score remotely from any other phone using the remote function

How it works
The Swish Live app is the best way to live stream your game. Broadcast your sporting event just like on TV with Swish Live.

  • Stream your sports game live
  • Insert the scoreboard
  • Now fans can support their team like they do on TV


  • points management
  • HD broadcast on Facebook and Youtube
  • Unlimited streaming and downloading
  • Addition of the sponsor text in the description
  • Insertion of team names
  • Insertion of partner logos
  • Insertion of team logos
  • full screen insert
  • HD recording of the highlights and game

There is also a 3-year and lifetime plan with a discount.

Here’s the deal:

1 Year Swish Live Streaming (Basic Plan) It usually costs $340, but this offer can be yours for only $99, that’s a savings of $241. For full terms, specifications and license information please click on the link below.

Get 1 year Swish live streaming 70% off for just $99

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