September 22, 2022 By Vaseline

Pleasant Plains Residents Commended at Notre Dame University for Leading the Bread of Life Food Drive Statewide

STATEN ISLAND, NY – Joseph Delaney of Pleasant Plains and Notre Dame’s legendary head coach Lou Holtz were recognized on the Indiana University campus for their efforts to combat “food insecurity” across America through Delaney’s annual Notre Dame Bread of Life Food -Drive.

Holtz, the executive director of the nationwide Notre Dame Heroes/Bread of Life food drive, was commended by the Holtz’s Heroes Foundation at a breakfast at the famous university last weekend. Delaney was also announced by HHF for leading the nationwide Notre Dame Bread of Life Food Drive (BOLD).

“I was recognized by legendary Notre Dame Head Football Coach, Lou Holtz, for my efforts to end ‘food insecurity’ across America through my Notre Dame Bread of Life food drive on the University of Notre Dame campus over the weekend of September 16th combat and 17, Delaney said. “BOLD began on Staten Island in the spring of 1992 and has been held on Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn for 32 years.”

In 2014, Holtz and his former football players reached out to Delaney and proposed running the Staten Island Bread of Life Food Drive statewide. In this first national year of BOLD, ND/HHF/BOLD collected 200,000 groceries from 34 cities in 11 states – 60,000 of which were from Notre Dame Staten Island BOLD.

Bread of Life Food Drive

Joseph Delaney at the Bread of Life Food Drive. (Courtesy/Nancy Delaney)Staten Island Progress

Over the next eight years, ND/HHF/BOLD nationwide donated 3,700,000 food items and now conducts annual food drives in 282 cities, 34 states and six other countries.

Delaney addressed 200 people from the Holtz Foundation during a breakfast Saturday morning at Notre Dame. He referenced the nationwide success of BOLD and his 2023 plans to address food insecurity across America through ND/HHF/BOLD.

After receiving congratulations from Holtz, Delaney emphasized, “The success of our statewide BOLD would not be possible without the dedicated support of the members of the Staten Island Notre Dame Club.”

He added, “Our nationwide ND/HHF/BOLD will be focused on helping our fellow Americans who are in need of groceries. This has become a year-round effort. I assure Coach Holtz that the whistle will not sound and our fight against hunger will end.”

Bread of Life Food Drive

From left Nancy Delaney, Coach Muffet McGraw and Joseph Delaney. (Courtesy/Nancy Delaney)Staten Island Progress

Prior to Saturday’s HHF breakfast, Delaney received praise for his support of Meals with Muffet Food Drive via ND/HHF/BOLD on Friday afternoon from Muffet McGraw, another legendary Notre Dame coach on the school’s women’s basketball team.

And since September is dedicated to the fight against hunger, Delaney and BOLD have joined McGraw in their fight against hunger.