September 23, 2022 By Vaseline

opinion | DeSantis shows us what kind of governor Michels would be | Plain Talk by Dave Zweifel

If there was ever any doubt as to why Tim Michels shouldn’t be Wisconsin’s next governor, Florida’s Ron DeSantis made it perfectly clear last weekend.

Michels will transform Wisconsin’s government into Florida’s, the Sunshine State’s bomb-throwing king pledged at a campaign rally in Green Bay just before the Packers’ game against the Bears last Sunday night.

Well, that should be enough to spook any Badger State resident.

Florida has become one of the most reactionary states in the country: anti-women’s choice, anti-vaccination, anti-masking for students during the peak of a pandemic, pro-gerrymandering, pro-censorship of various academic courses, pro-ban on “suspect” books , pro-vote suppression and of course pro-Donald Trump.

Ah, I forgot. That would already be Wisconsin if Tony Evers wasn’t governor.

In other words, according to DeSantis, Tim Michels would ratify everything the reactionaries in the Wisconsin legislature have attempted for the past four years.

I guess we should thank the governor of Florida for making it clear how Michels would govern should he win the November 8 election. After all, the multimillion-dollar Wisconsin road contractor wasn’t quite sure what he would do if he won.

Instead, he has so far waged a mostly negative campaign, claiming Democrat Evers was soft on crime, falsely blaming him for the violence that ravaged Kenosha in 2020, making false claims that the 2020 election was scheduled , revisited and even refused to disclose whether he would accept the results of the 2022 election if he lost.

What would be refreshing is if he told us what to do with the $5 billion surplus, how he proposes to fund public schools and pay for the vouchers he wants to expand, how he addresses the labor shortage that would plague so many businesses in Wisconsin and a host of other issues and problems facing the state.

Instead, he has urged Evers to stop granting parole to incarcerated criminals, something the governor has no jurisdiction over or any control over.

But like DeSantis, he’s not above pulling off a few stunts for political gain. Florida governor sends unannounced immigrants, including mothers and children, from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard in hopes of embarrassing “liberals”. Michels wants Evers to stop granting probation, which is in the hands of an independent panel, and sentencing judges.

They look like two peas in a pod.

Columnist Jim Swift recently wrote in Bulwark that DeSantis has transformed Florida into a MAGA church with Donald Trump Almighty and DeSantis as pastor of the prosperity gospel.

I don’t think people in Wisconsin would think that’s a good thing.

Dave Zweifel is Editor Emeritus of The Capital Times. [email protected], 608-252-6410 and on Twitter @DaveZweifel.

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