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Sophia Berryessa (left), Zaq Wentworth as Frank Abignale, Jr. and Nomi Sifton stars in Camelot Theater’s production of Catch Me If You Can, out now. See listings. Photo by Steve Sutfin

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Camelot Theaters: 101 Talent Ave., Talent. Tickets and information are available at or 541-535-5250. Group and discounted seasonal packages are available, as well as special priced screenings. The opening hours of the evening box office are Monday to Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Visit the website or call the box office for current COVID-19 requirements.

Catch Me If You Can: Based on the hit film and incredible true story, Catch Me If You Can is a high-flying musical comedy about chasing your dreams and not getting caught. In search of fame and fortune, precocious teenager Frank Abignale Jr. runs away from home to embark on an unforgettable adventure. With nothing but boyish charm, a great imagination, and millions of dollars in fake checks, Frank successfully poses as a pilot, doctor, and lawyer — living the high life and winning the girl of his dreams. When Frank’s lies catch the attention of FBI agent Carl Hanratty, he tracks Frank across the country to make him pay for his crimes. Directed by Todd Nielsen and Jonathan Pratt, performances are scheduled Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. and Sundays at 2:00 p.m. September 21 through October 10. 30. Admission tickets range from $20 to $38.

Oregon Cabaret Theatre: 241 Hargadine St, on the corner of First and Hargadine Streets, Ashland. Tickets and information are available at or by calling 541-488-2902. Reservations are required for pre-show dinner and brunch. Appetizers, drinks and desserts are available without reservation. Visit the website or call the box office for current COVID-19 requirements. Student rush tickets are $15 and can be purchased 30 minutes prior to commencement with valid ID, subject to availability. Group discounts available.

Sherlock Holmes and the Final Problem: Sherlock Holmes’ skills will be put to the test as he takes on his intellectually equal criminal mastermind, Professor Moriarty. After repeated attempts on his life, Holmes is attacked by his recently married friend, Dr. Watson is backed again, and the two attempt to thwart the professor’s plans for a continent-spanning theatrical adventure that takes audiences from the safe flat of Holmes at 221B Baker Street to the heights of the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. With five actors playing all roles in the show, Sherlock is a comedic, theatrical take on a thriller. The show features a shootout in a forest, a fight on a moving train involving eight different characters, and of course the iconic confrontation at the top of the Reichenbach Falls.

Performances are Thursdays through Saturdays, Mondays and select Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm September 15 through November. 6. If it were a movie, Sherlock Holmes would be rated PG due to violence on stage, discussion of murder, some adult situations and very soft language. Tickets are $43, $39, or $29.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival: 15 S. Pioneer St., Ashland. Showtimes, ticket prices and information at or at 800-219-8161. Masks are compulsory for all performances. Visit the website or call the box office for current COVID-19 requirements. Group discounts available.

Oh! digital: OSF’s interactive and immersive digital content platform, O!, can be accessed for free at Some content is accessed for a fee, including streaming games.

OSF Onwards Gala: The Oregon Shakespeare Festival hosts its annual OSF Onwards weekend gala Friday through Sunday, Sept. 30-Oct. 2. This year, the gala will be a hybrid, offering both in-person and virtual events. Ticketed guests receive an all-access pass to a rich array of activities designed for meaningful engagement, ranging from an intimate coffee chat with behind-the-scenes insights into the jewels, collective singing rituals and dance parties, to theatrical performances on OSFs three physical stages in Ashland and at the O! digital stage. Led by moderators and OSF actors, William Hodgeson and Meme García, attendees in person and virtual can immerse themselves in the kaleidoscopic world of OSF. A cornerstone of the celebration weekend will be the premiere of OSF’s episodic digital series, The Cymbeline Project, bringing Shakespeare’s infamous “Problem Game” to life through 10 digital episodes, each guided by an iconoclastic roster of guest artists, taking form from collage to puppetry to to VR. This year’s artistic award winner will be Ty Defoe. Proceeds from this event support OSF programs and initiatives. For more details, tickets and a full calendar of events visit or call 541-482-2111.

Live productions:

“Once Upon This Island”: On a golden and green Caribbean island, a little girl is rescued from a devastating storm by four gods – Asaka, mother of the earth; Agwé, god of water; Erzulie, goddess of love; and Papa Ge, demon of death. Thus begins the myth told in this breathtaking tale of the joys and sorrows of black people, the aftermath of colonization and isolation, and the triumph of love over all might. Told with Caribbean rhythms and instruments, this Tony Award-winning musical is proof that a beautiful story told simply has the power to inspire and heal all. Directed by Lili Anne Brown. The show runs at the Angus Bowmer Theater until October 30th. Tickets range from $35 to $75.

“The Tempest”: For 12 years, the exiled Prospero has lived on a mystical island and uses magic to subdue its native people. Vengeance weighs heavily on his mind, and he calls on a storm to land a passing ship with his enemies at the mercy of his supernatural machinations. This classic Shakespearean play explores the good, the bad, and the gray areas of human nature. Directed by Nicholas C. Avila. The show runs at the Allen Elizabethan Theater until October 15. Tickets range from $35 to $75.

Revenge Song – A Vampire Cowboys Creation: Buckle up for a musical story about Julie d’Aubigny – a 17th-century queer frontier-breaker who breaks rules, sings swordsmen and sings opera. It’s going to be loud, wild and hilarious! Qui Nguyen (OSF’s “Vietgone” and Disney’s “Raya and the Last Dragon”) plays this irreverent take on French history, somewhere between the superhero and comic realms, and asks what it means to blast your prescribed roles and become who who you really are. Music by Shane Rettig, with lyrics by Qui Nguyen and Robert Ross Parker. Directed by Robert Ross Parker. The show runs at the Allen Elizabethan Theater until October 14. Tickets range from $35 to $75.

“King John”: A corrupt monarch faces an unruly court and uses political intrigue and warmongering to fight for the crown at any cost. “King John” features a cast of 12 female and non-gender actors – who speak directly to our current fractured political moment and bring new meaning to Shakespeare’s powerful play about the power itself. Directed by Rosa Joshi. The show runs at the Angus Bowmer Theater until October 28. Tickets range from $35 to $75.

“Confederates”: An enslaved woman-turned-Union spy and a brilliant professor at a modern private university face similar struggles despite living over a century apart. This play by the genius MacArthur Prize winner Dominique Morisseau leaps through time to uncover the identities of two brilliant black women and explores the reins that racial and gender prejudice still hold in American systems today. Directed by Nataki Garrett; a first by the American Revolutions Commission on the West Coast. The show runs at the Thomas Theater through October 29. Tickets range from $35 to $75.

“It’s Christmas, Carol!”: On Christmas Eve, three ghosts lead miserly businesswoman Carol Scroogenhouse through time and space to settle accounts for how she abandoned humanity for hollow capitalism. With the help of these apparitions, will Carol find her soul, guided to a Shakespearean theatre, a prehistoric holiday celebration and a zombie future? The play is a zany, hilarious, song-filled take on Dickens’ classic tale, the holidays and Shakespeare, with a dose of the Marx Brothers, broken Christmas carols and more. Directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh. The show runs from November 23 to January 1, 2023 at the Angus Bowmer Theatre. Tickets range from $35 to $75.