September 22, 2022 By Vaseline

How to watch The Amazing Race season 34 online from anywhere

Back for another epic journey around the world, long-running reality competition The Amazing Race returns to screens for a 34th season and a series that will see the show hit a whopping 400th episode. With fewer of the Covid-19 restrictions that dominated season 33 to worry about, the show returns to a more regular format, with 12 teams taking on the madcap adventure and Phil Keoghan once again acted as host. Read on to find out how to watch The Amazing Race season 34 online and stream the new season no matter where you are in the world.

The new contestants include a pair of recently reunited identical twins who were separated at birth, a couple who previously appeared in Big Brother, an army tank commander and a fighter pilot, professional dancers and a firefighter.

The season kicks off in Munich and marks the first time the show has started outside of the United States, with this year’s competition once again having a primarily European route through Austria, France, Italy and Spain.

The journey for S34 will nonetheless venture to a new continent, with a lap in Jordan – the first time the country has featured on the show.

Follow our guide below to watch The Amazing Race 2022 online – streaming TAR season 34 is easier than you might think, so start your own adventure today!

How to watch The Amazing Race season 34 online from outside your country

If you’re abroad today but still want to get your Amazing Race fix just like you would at home, you’ll need a VPN for that. This is due to the pesky digital phenomenon known as geo-blocking, which means most of The Amazing Race’s live streams are ironically restricted to certain parts of the world.

However, a Virtual Private Network offers a legal solution to this common internet problem and is remarkably easy to set up and operate. Here’s how it works and where to start.

Use a VPN to watch The Amazing Race online from anywhere

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How to watch The Amazing Race online: Stream TAR season 34 online in USA

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How to watch The Amazing Race 34 online in Canada

How to watch The Amazing Race in the UK, Australia and beyond

Australia has its own version of The Amazing Race and the UK has Race Across the World, but there is currently no direct way to watch CBS shows like the US version of The Amazing Race in the UK or Australia, either live or on-demand.

As mentioned above, people from Canada, USA or other places where you can watch The Amazing Race can follow all the action from anywhere.

Just Grab a top VPN (opens in new tab) and check out the streaming service you usually use at home.