September 23, 2022 By Vaseline

“Grounded” – County 10™

A traveling exhibition of contemporary artists from tribes of the Northern Plains.

Premiered at the Lander Pioneer Museum on October 2, 2022.

GROUNDED is an artistic exploration curated by ArtSpirit, Episcopal’s art initiative
Church in Wyoming to inspire our imaginations about our need to be “grounded.”
our relationship to all of creation: to the earth and its wildlife, to each other and to ourselves.

GROUNDED brings together an inspiring group of world-class contemporary artists
Tribes of the Northern Plains whose artistic practice is a unique blend of their heritage and
creative expression.

GROUNDED will be a traveling exhibition of contemporary art. It is also offered
simultaneously online via a virtual gallery.

Premiered at the Pioneer Museum in Lander, Wyoming, October 2-mid
November, then travel to selected Wyoming cities.

Following the Wyoming tour, the plan is to show the exhibition in 2 more
Key locations in the US, then it will be shown in the UK and the Middle East

The organizing trustee, Bishop Paul-Gordon Chandler, Bishop of Wyoming, had
extensive experience in coordinating major exhibitions in the UK, Europe and the USA
Middle East.

This exhibition is a follow-up to the very successful 2021 Abraham exhibition which
had a successful run at the Lander Museum before appearing around the world.

Next up is the Fremont County Museum

09/242-4pm at the Riverton Museum, “Children’s Archeology Day” Bailey
Tire/pit stop exploration series for kids
October 2nd– November 15 9-5 at the Pioneer Museum, “Grounded: A Contemporary
Northern Plains Tribes Art Exhibition”
5th October6 p.m. at the Riverton Museum, “Fremont Haunts” Wyoming Community
Bankk Discovery speaker series

Call the Dubois Museum 1-307-455-2284, the Pioneer Museum 1-307-332-3339 or the
Riverton Museum 1-307-856-2665 for details on their programs.

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The Dubois Museum, the Pioneer Museum in Lander and the Riverton Museum. That
WRCCF will help provide the long-term financial support our museums need to thrive.
In the current economic environment, museums depend on it more than ever
Private sector donations to continue to provide quality programs and collections
Management, exhibitions and services that have become their hallmark over the past four years
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Advantage of the museum of your choice by sending a check to Wind River Cultural
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