September 23, 2022 By Vaseline

Friday’s game between Amarillo High and Tascosa was moved to WT’s Buffalo Stadium | KAMR

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Amarillo ISD moved the venue for Friday night’s rivalry football game between Amarillo High and Tascosa to Bain-Schaeffer Buffalo Stadium in Canyon.

The two teams were scheduled to play at Dick Bivins Stadium on Friday, September 23, but the AISD administration decided to switch venues because the game falls on the final weekend of the Tri-State Fair.

AISD athletic director Brad Thiessen said the four districts in District 5-2A drew their football schedules back in February.

“When so many districts are involved, people are afraid of taking advantage,” said Thiessen. “So in the end you just have the tie and the way the tie fell that ball game was right during the fair week.”

AISD said all school districts would have to agree to changing dates after the draw, and all four did not agree to moving games. For this reason, the district is bound to the previously drawn dates.

According to AISD, the district expects a large crowd and has faced several issues in the past hosting the game during the fair at Dick Bivins Stadium.

β€œThe last time that happened was about eight years ago and that was a mess, it really gave us some problems, we have even more problems now because with safety being what it is we have to have a plan for emergency vehicles.”

Thiessen said they usually use the back of the fairgrounds to stage emergency vehicles, which is impossible this year.

“If we break something during the game or in the stadium, it will be difficult for us to get any emergency vehicles into the stadium given the traffic from both sides,” said Thiessen.

After discussions, the AISD administration agreed to move the game to Buffalo Stadium.

Thiessen said they expect between 10,000 and 12,000 fans at Friday’s game.

“It seats about 9,000 and they figured with about 3,000 and standing room all around, we’re assuming that’s about what we’re going to have. So we think it’s going to be good. The end zones open up when needed,” Thiessen added. “It’s going to be a crazy stadium. So the atmosphere will be pretty decent.”

But not everyone is happy about the change, as a football fan told on Thursday afternoon.

“I really don’t like that. I think it’s just too brief to notice…moving the game from the current venue to Buffalo Stadium,” Glynn Pride said.

However, Thiessen said they are selling tickets just as fast as ever and don’t expect the venue to change the rivalry.

“Obviously there is some concern among some parents who consider that we are losing a bit of tradition when their child is playing. We get that, but I think I really believe in that atmosphere when that’s over and you see the atmosphere down there and how intense the sound is going to be with all these fans right above them. I think they’re going to have a good time and really enjoy it,” said Thiessen.

He said venue won’t make a difference in the game, which will result in turnover and big games.

“I really believe that the kids, the parents and the fans will have had a great time at the fabulous WT stadium after this game,” added Thiessen.

AISD is asking Tascosa fans to park in the north side baseball and softball fields and farm building parking lot, and Amarillo High fans to park across the street in the activity center and dormitories parking lots.

Kick-off is at 7 p.m