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Fake Phone Call Application

★ the fake call application totally free to download. This depends on your credits 1 minute 2 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes 5 minutes 6 minutes 7 minutes 8 minutes 9 minutes 10 minutes 11 minutes 12 minutes 13 minutes 14 minutes 15 minutes i confirm that i am responsible myself for all resulting damages

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All international calls are cheap.

Fake phone call application. Customize our ring and vibration sound, voice with your own easily 8. Again, this is useful for getting out of awkward or uncomfortable situations or to just mess with your friends. If you are a busy person, you can use 2 lines during calls.

Although it is marketed as a prank call app, it fulfills our criterion in every. You will get the opportunity to call any type of device from more than 200 countries. Any sort of reproduction of this app using app design and or assets found within this app will result in legal consequences.

Fake phone caller id fake call application helps user to get ride of trouble make a fakecall add fake caller name and fake caller number like simulate a fake caller id to rescue yourself from awkward situation or awkward moments like boring stuff or meaningless stuff. Samsung ui, sony erisson, htc etc This app is just a fake call simulation and not a real video call.

To ensure that you never need to experience that desolation again, download an application name fake call that helps you with that kind of situation. ★ play fake voice after fake call answered ★ also showed in your fake call history ★ simulate fake calling screen as your different phone: Type in the caller and number info at the top of the screen.

Select the delay you want under when to call. hit call me to have the fake call come in after the number of delayed seconds you chose. Call spoofing has enabled people to fake the return number that is shown by caller ids for many years now, and the ability to “spoof” a phone number has become widespread. Then suddenly you receive a phone call that takes you away from the situation and you’re free at last!

Fake call prank does not require internet connection. Select the blackpink member you want to call the video. Get fake call number for ios.

★ play fake voice after fake call answered ★ also showed in your fake call history ★ simulate fake calling screen as your different phone: You can wait a few seconds, a call is being made, then. Perfect call screen similar with 99.99% iphone screen this application is for entertainment purpose only and is fully native.

Option to show incoming fake call in full screen. This app is a great way to save money. ★ speed it is fully optimized for all the application run smoothly.

This app lets you receive a fake phone call from a contact of your choice. ★ the fake call application totally free to download. This free app will help you create fake phone numbers.

Fake phone call is an application for people that want to set up their phone to receive a phone call on a precise time. You can also record audio on the device to make your conversation feel authentic and also have the ability to record the conversation. Animated answer and decline sliders in the fake call as in a real phone call choose beautiful color phone caller screen themes for your call screen!

We will update the application regularly. Maybe it's just a prank or an excuse, but that's really not all that important. There are some scenarios when you ought to receive a phone call and get out of an awkward situation.

Needs to be opened to activate the fake call; Fake phone call free, its designs, and all other assets included in this application are the sole property of simplegames & saliha bhutta. Set a fake call time for a day or even a month in the future;

You can make unlimited calls. Choose the background picture you want in fake message notification, we provide some default pictures. Set a time span for your fake phone call.

Fake call as the name suggests, enables you to create custom layouts and also give desired caller info and set a time to receive a fake call on your smartphone. You can prank your friends or family with this application. Samsung ui, sony erisson, htc etc ★ customize and manage the different in.

Simulate fake calling screen as real. You need an internet connection to make. Fake call fake call is an application that simulates an incoming phone call with customizable caller name and number.

Spoofing, in simple terms, just means that the number shown on someone’s caller id is not the actual number that is placing the call. Now it's time and feel the thrill of making video calls with scary horror ghost like momo,slendrina,or another creppy ghost and prank with face time. Set timer for fake call start 7.

★ speed it is fully optimized for all the application run smoothly. It comes with an easy user interface to generate quick or scheduled incoming calls. Hit the menu button in the call me app and select settings to change the ringtone and vibrate settings for your fake calls.

Out of the many apps i tried on ios, none could trigger the call with the app in the background. You should also check the procedure to activate call waiting service on your smartphone.

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