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Elevate K-12 launches Java and Python courses to meet nationwide demand

The live streaming education provider has announced new computer science course offerings.

CHICAGO, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Elevate K-12, the Chicago-based live streaming education company, has announced the launch of Java and Python live streaming courses. These courses prepare high school students for a college-level programming education and successful careers in computer science.

The courses are structured as introductory courses in the programming languages ​​Java and Python and there are no prerequisites.

“We’re excited to add this much-requested material to our catalog of courses,” he said Betsy McKibbin, Elevate K-12’s VP of Brand Marketing. “We want the students to experience this content and decide whether they want to pursue the topic further at university or at work.”

Studies indicate a positive correlation between economic growth and technological competence. While many school districts are interested in creating a programming curriculum, a staffing shortage is hampering their ability to do so.

Elevate K-12’s mission is to solve the country’s teacher shortage by bringing high-quality educational streaming to schools regardless of location. The result, evident in the rapidly growing number of counties partnering with Elevate K-12, is unprecedented educational equity.

“It’s a challenge to find qualified teachers in every zip code to teach these courses,” he said Shaily Baranwal, CEO of Elevate K-12. “In our commitment to improving the lives of students across the country, we are excited to offer these opportunities to our school districts.”

Elevate K-12 aims to create a universal computer science education and pave the way to a more progressive, prosperous future. The company sees the launch of Java and Python courses as a crucial next step.

“We truly believe in the value of these courses in achieving long-term, positive student outcomes,” Baranwal said. “We anticipate that demand for programming courses will continue to grow, and we stand ready to meet that demand as it arises.”

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