September 22, 2022 By Vaseline

Bryan Harsin’s recruitment pitch was all talk

There are many problems that are fully exhibited in the Plains. Head Coach Bryan Harsin is scrutinized for the product on and off the field. After battles with San Jose State of the Mountain West and Penn State of the Big Ten, the Tigers don’t look nearly as expected.

At the start of the 2022 season, the offense was, as expected, a big question mark. There was a mass exodus, with the lead passer and lead receiver dropping out of the program. Legacy quarterback Bo Nix traded to the Oregon Ducks and Kobe Hudson decided to reunite with former Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn in central Florida.

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This left the offensive looking for answers. Neither TJ Finley nor former Oregon QB Robby Ashford have provided consistency in that position. Finley was benched after two interceptions against Mercer and again during the Penn State game in favor of Ashford. Much like the starter, the backup has one touchdown and multiple interceptions.

Much like the offensive unit, the defensive side struggles with putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks or even making a single turnover. With an inconsistent offense, they needed their team’s strength to create more chances and that just didn’t happen. The defense gave up five rushing touchdowns, 245 rushing yards and 6.3 yards per attempt against Penn State. They were absolutely stabbed as they were outplayed 27-6 in the final 30 minutes of the game.

Simply put, the product in the field was not good. The team still has all of their goals in mind when the SEC game gets underway on Saturday, but how confident should you be? We know all about the game on the field, but things could be even worse on the recruiting path.

The Athletic recently wrote about the trails in the state of Alabama (subscription required) that doesn’t put the Auburn head coach in a very good light. During the offseason, the head coach spoke of getting more involved in the state of Alabama. But was that all talk to get some heat out of him? It seems so.

At the SEC media days, the embattled head coach had a one-word message for recruits watching the Plains: “Watch.” Unfortunately for him, they were, and as we’ve said before, it wasn’t a fun experience.

As far as Athletic’s report is concerned, anonymous state head coaches have said they have neither seen nor heard of Harsin.

I have to be careful because I don’t want to hang out here, but Bryan Harsin wasn’t in our school. He’s never been here. It was a surprise. However, they have many excellent recruiters among their staff. I think (Harsin) has put together a good staff. But I don’t know the head coach there. – Mobile area coach

When asked about the difference between Alabama and Auburn, responses focused on the latter not being aggressive enough. One coach said Auburn doesn’t work the trails on every opportunity like Alabama does.

Not only does it have to be “watched,” they have to step in front of the recruits, and it seems that not enough is happening. The signing of a head coach from Boise State seems to blow their minds. If you need proof, check out the product on the field and Auburn’s #54 (247Sports), #51 (Rivals), and #32 (On3) recruiting classes. The lowest Auburn has seen since 2004 (No. 30).

At this point it is only a matter of time before action is taken. Given how things were looking on and off the field, things could be better for War Eagle the sooner.